Meet Manager

Jacqui Collins

Jacqui Collins is an energetic and passionate retired IBM(International Business Machines Corp) employee. She is a frequent speaker for ‘Internet Teen Safety at Middle and High Schools in Cobb and Fulton Counties.

For the past ten(10) years, Jacqui has lead the Cobb County Youth Track League, a youth track and field organization under Georgia Park and Recreation which has introduced track and field to over 18,000 youth ages 4 to 18 since 2006.

Since 2006 Jacqui has engaged in being a Meet Director for over 120 Youth Track and Field events. These events supported anywhere from 400 to 2200 athletes per event. A task which allowed her to gain invaluable knowledge about the details and coverage needed to ensure a ‘quality’ event for all.

In 2010 she added the role of USA Track and Field Youth Chair to her resume. This role allowed the expansion of Track and Field for youth to now cover the State of Georgia. Over 4000 athletes were members of this program.

Jacqui has been blessed with great ‘coaches support and volunteers who made these endeavors successful. “Team Work” is the key to success and at the same time being able to promote healthy activities and skills for our youth.

Track and Field allows every child an opportunity to compete in a sport where there is such a large variety of events available to contest.