Meet Entry Information

There are major changes to the 2019 Georgia Meet of Champions. While the meet will remain at Marietta High School on May 17, the meet is welcoming a new director and a new partner. Nick Houstoulkis, head coach of Marietta’s track and field team will be the new meet director. Houstoulkis will be assisted by Alexander High School’s track and field coach Brian Robinson and Mike Judge of Throw1Deep.

Atlanta Track Club will assist with funding and staff support for the meet with plans to take over the meet in full in 2020. More details about Atlanta Track club’s involvement, as well as a new name for the meet will be coming out on a later date.

There are also changes to qualification and registration for the Meet of Champions. Up to 16 athletes per event will be accepted.

The coaches on the meet’s committee have come up with the following system to invite athletes:

    • Individual state champions automatically qualify
    • Other athletes can qualify by achieving A or B standards
    • A standard athletes automatically qualify
    • Remaining entries are filled by B standard athletes
    • Standards are based on a five-year average of times and marks and can be found here.
    • All times and marks must be from the 2019 season and verified on Milesplit.

State champions and A standard qualifiers will declare their intention to compete in the Meet of Champions by Monday, May 13, 2019. Coaches can then register the athlete at They will be sent a password for the registration. B standard athletes will be contacted by the meet staff to complete any still open fields.

2019 Meet Schedule

*Subject to change*

Field Events

6:00pm: Boys High Jump Girls to follow
6:00pm: Girls Pole Vault Boys to follow
6:00pm: Girls Discus Boys to follow
6:00pm: Boys Shot put Girls to follow
6:00pm: Girls Long Jump Boys to follow
6:00pm: Boys Triple Jump Girls to follow

Running Events

6:00pm: Girls 2000M Steeplechase
6:15pm: Boys 2000M Steeplechase
6:30pm: Girls 1600M Run
6:40pm: Boys 1600M Run
6:50pm: Girls 400M Dash (2 Heats)
7:00pm: Boys 400M Dash (2 Heats)
7:08pm: Professional 400M Hurdles Women
7:12pm: Professional 400M Men
7:17pm: Professional 100M Women
7:20pm: Girls 100M Dash (2 Heats)
7:25pm: Boys 100M Dash (2 Heats)
7:35pm: Girls 100M Hurdles (2 Heats)
7:42pm: Professional 100M Hurdles
7:50pm: Boys 110 Hurdles (2 Heats)
8:00pm: Professional 110M Hurdles
8:15pm: Professional 100M Men
8:22pm: Girls 800M Run
8:30pm: Boys 800M Run
8:38pm: Professional 800M Women
8:42pm: Professional 800M Men
8:50pm: Girls 200M Dash (2 heats)
8:55pm: Boys 200M Dash (2 Heats)
9:00pm: Professional 200M Men
9:10pm: Girls 300M Intermediate Hurdles
9:18pm: Boys 300M Intermediate Hurdles
9:30pm: Professional 400M Women
9:40pm: Girls 3200M Run
9:55pm: Boys 3200M Run

2019 Qualifying Standards

2019 Meet Recruiters

Meet Director: Nick Houstoulakis / Marietta High School /
Recruiting Coordinator: Brian Robinson / Alexander High School/
Sprints: Freddie Allen /
Hurdles: Blaine Williams /
Distance: Brian Robinson /
Jumps: Edward Senter /
Pole Vault: Hal Fairbanks /
Throws: Chris Rogers /